you can only give so much.

I’m having a tough time coping lately.

I keep wanting to just talk to someone. And I’m not talking about a professional, I’m talking about a loved one, friend, family…literally anyone I trust.

That’s the problem. I’m that type of person. The empath. I am always there when you need me. It can be 3 AM, if you need me I will so far as to drive to you and bring you some pizza or ice cream. But somehow nobody’s ever interested in turning the situation around. I’m not being there for you so you can return the favor. I’m being there because I truly and completely care.

Nobody wants to actually take a few minutes to listen. If I’m having a crappy day then I won’t necessarily tell you, but if it’s beyond crappy, that I feel like I’ve hit an all time low, then I will tell you. But I’m a giver. And most I know are takers. I give so much every day. Every time that you feel a pinch of sadness I will be there. But if everyone just keeps taking, and I just keep giving then some day there will be nothing to take, or to give. I will just become another face in a yearbook. Or some girl that you went to High School with. Some colleague that you’re pretty sure was nice to you. Or you hated her. But either way you can’t remember.

I don’t want my name in shining lights. I don’t need to be praised. I don’t need anything like that. All I’m asking for is a little respect, appreciation and a shoulder to cry on sometimes.

I guess my expectations of people I know are too high.

I haven’t felt this alone in a long time.

But tomorrow, I will put on a happy face. I will act like everything is okay. And I will keep taking people’s shit, or blame, or whatever else you want to accuse me of. Because frankly, I’m too tired to do anything else.

I Appreciate You

Where words end, music begins…

Since I can remember I’ve been in love with music.

Music doesn’t have to make you forget what’s going on in your life, it’s there to help you deal with those things for when the song ends and the silence gets closer.

I have had the privilege of growing up in a family that feels the same. I was introduced to a huge variety of artists, and was able to explore as many genres as I could. Anything from Elvis, Simon&Garfunkel, ELO, Queen, Journey, Billy Joel, ABBA and I can name a hell of a lot more.

I have always had an appreciation for the musicians. To sing with so much emotion, write lyrics that come from the heart, and that feeling you get when you understand what they’re singing about.

I have had a rough couple of years, and without music… whether it be when I’m angry or sad (even happy)… I wouldn’t have been able to survive. There were so many times where it felt like I could lose my mind, but as soon as my brain gets crowded and I start to panic – pop in headphones, and I can escape to a whole other world.

Yes, reality isn’t going anywhere. But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep on playing my songs to help me cope.

If you can get that feeling when you listen to a song, where your mind gets so deep into those lyrics, you can feel everything and suddenly you’re shedding a tear, yet your smile doesn’t fade… well, then you understand.

The day when I don’t want to listen to music anymore doesn’t exist. Because you see, no matter how we feel – music connects us. It makes us laugh, it makes us cry, it makes us passionate and confident. Music is what makes us, us.

It has a purpose. Sometimes it’s enough to give you a purpose as well.

So to all you musicians, music listeners, groupies, fans and admirers out there – never stop.

Music will change the world someday.

Music – I appreciate you.